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"Lava 1" by lord_yo, used under CC BY / cropped
10 May


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The difference between 2048 and gambling is that now that I've won 2048 once, I never have to play again.

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I never remember this and it's the kind of thing older people make fun of young ones for not knowing.

Folding and inserting Letters in Envelopes

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The latest Matplotlib now lets you make plots that look hand drawn. (Even better with the xkcd font).

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When I was a kid we had role models. We didn't have computer games; we were brought up properly: by television.

Jimmy Carr

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25 Mar


list trivia

Alex Trebek: He took control of the Ford Motor Company after Henry Ford's death.

Ken Jennings: Who was Ford?

Alex Trebek: More specific.

Ken Jennings: I was afraid you were going to say that.

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