Today I saw The Fog of War (or as its author insists on calling it, the fog of war). Whenever I see or read things like it, I'm reminded of a view of the world revealed to me by S. H., loan officer at L. Toyota. He revealed his philosophy to me in parable:

Remember last week when that lady tried to shoot herself in her car on the freeway? The freeway was blocked while the police tried to convince her not to do it. That's the way it always works. That lady's got some problems. Those good 15 policemen have to try to help her. But who's really being affected? The thousands of normal people like you and me who are sitting on the freeway. They just want to go to work. They want to earn money to make their children's lives good and help their communities. And look what happens to them!

Yes, with reservations, of course, I agree.

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